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Cousin Kathryn MacLean Remembers Michael

July 10th, 2002

for Mike...with love from Kath

At the end of a man's life, the Ancient Greeks asked only one question: Did he have passion?

Mike was my cousin and most of my memories of him are from our childhood. As we grew older, we saw less of each other but I remember the times we spent together because I always enjoyed Mike's company. I know that Mike was passionate about many things...

Mike was passionate about "All in One" (a version of hide-and-go-seek)

He was passionate about learning.

He was passionate about music.

He was passionate about movies.

He was passionate about humor.

He was passionate about family.

He was passionate about friends.

These are only some of the passions I know Mike enjoyed in his life. I am grateful to have known him, and to have shared some of these passions with him. I remember him fondly, with much love, and a smile.

Kathryn MacLean is Michael's cousin.

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