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Grandma Mary Kirk Remebers

Nearly six years have passed since Michael left us; since the unthinkable happened, and still it takes a real effort to accept the fact that he is gone.

No matter how much we learn about depression, there is no way we can understand or feel the awful torture and despair sufferers from this insidious affliction have to face. All we can do now is remember the good times we shared with Michael. And the precious memories are many - Michael as a happy, smiling toddler; as an Elementary School student, who in the word of one of his teachers, of so many years ago, is still remembered as "bright, well-mannered, soft spoken" and, of course, his achievements and excellent record during his University years. He accomplished much in his short lifetime, had many friends and was well-liked and respected by his co-workers. Probably his quiet, wry sense of humor had a lot to do with that.

As so often happens memories of happy incidents pop into one's mind. On one of my recent walks I noticed dandelions blooming in a profusion of gold. That sight brought back a picture of little Mike (probably three or four) clutching a bouquet of dandelions, a gift for his grandma. I couldn't resist picking a few and leaving t hem on his memorial bench in the park.

I miss you Michael.

Love Grandma
(Mary Kirk)

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